Registration Office

The Registration Office carries out the membership operations of the firms having the qualification of industrialist by fulfilling the terms of the legislation of Ankara Chamber of Industry and ISO 9000-2000 standards. It conducts the required inspections at the offices of such firms and registers them in the Chamber. It continuously monitors the status of the members and records any changes in their status. It ensures that the firms having lost the quality of industrialist as per the 5174 numbered Law to be removed from the Chamber registries and carries out their Bag-Kur operations and paper works for the Chamber.
Definition of an Industrialist
Terms regarding the registries
Documents provided by the registration office
ID Cards

Definition of an Industrialist: 
The definition of an industrialist as per Cl. 5 of the Law no 5174:
Businesses which create added value by producing a new product in serial or as a standard processing the raw material, semi-processed or processed materials changing the content, component or shape using the desk, device, machine and similar driving power and the enterprises with minimum ten employees where underground resources are extracted and processed and software is developed are considered to be industrialist for the application of this Law.

Terms regarding the registries: 
Application for registry
Any natural or judicial person who has met the legal requirements in accordance with the terms of the Turkish Commercial Code and Legislation on the Commercial Registration and have their industrial enterprises registered by the Trade registration Office, and whose headquarters and factories or any of these exist within the boundaries of Ankara province is obliged to be registered at Ankara Chamber of Industry.

Documents Required for Registry
Any natural or judicial person who has been registered at the Commercial Registration Office as required and has the title of industrialist is given a registry form upon application. The relevant parts of the form is filled in by the person and submitted to the Registration Office with the following documents. 
Copies of the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette where the establishment and other changes are declared.
Notary certified Signatory circular of the person for real persons and representative for the judicial persons.
Machinery list (Click here)
Personnel list (Click here)
Copy of the Tax Plate and the last year’s detailed balance sheet and detailed income table.

If the office belongs to the firm, copy of the title deed, if it is leased, copy of the lease contract

If the firm is registered in another chamber, copy of the chamber registration with a new date

Certified and photo affixed copy of the ID card and 3 photos of the firm owner for the natural persons and of the representatives for the judicial persons

Residence certificate of the firm owner for the natural persons and of the representatives for the judicial persons

Registration fee

Complementary information can be obtained from the Registration Office for filling in the registration form and other issues.

Phone : 417 12 00
Application Petition (Click here) (in Word Format)
Membership Application forms for the private companies (Click here) (İn Word Format)
Membership Application forms for the companies (Click here) (İn Word Format)

Obligation to be registered at the chamber
All the real and judicial persons registered in the registration office and having the quality of an industrialist are obliged to be registered at the Chamber of Industry.

The industrialists in the provinces where a Chamber of Industry has been established are considered to have been registered at the chamber of commerce when they are registered at the chamber of industry. The commercial works of the industrial enterprise owners they deal due to their business do not remove the industrialist quality; they can also be registered at the chamber of commerce if they desire.

The economic enterprises and their branches which have the quality of industrialist and whose capital is totally belonging to the state, special administrations or municipalities or partnerships of these are established through a private law or contract; and the enterprises or their factories or branches of the states and special administrations or municipalities need to be registered at the Chamber of Industry in the province they are established.

Ex Officio Registration
The ones who has the title of industrialist but not registered at the chamber within 1 month’s legal period after commencing the work are registered ex officio by the chambers. The obligation to inform the chambers about the changes in their situation and any kind of change requires to be registered and declared in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code should be notified to the chambers they are registered within one month after the occurrence of the change.

Title Change
Address change
Company Business Change
Changes in Capital Structure
Share transfer
Representation and Binding Change
Liquidation Ads

Erasure of Entry
The members may request to delete their registries from the chamber they are registered by submitting the Trade Registration Gazette indicating the cancellation of their registry. The members who have lost their industrialist quality and identified ex officio or upon their application are also deleted from the registries.

Removing the Records of Non-Active Members 

For the members having left their works due to leaving, death or similar reasons and not had their registrations deleted from the trade registration office, the chamber does the needed inspections. The data gathered after the inspections are assessed by the board getting the opinions of the Profession Committee and the registry of those members are deleted from the chamber.

Documents submitted by the Registration Office

Occupation Certificate

This is the certificate covering the production fields of the firms. It is especially used for the tenders put forward by the public institution and organizations, visa transactions required by the consulates of the foreign countries, loan and leasing transactions at the banks, brand registration operations. 

Partnership Certificate

This certificate shows the partners of the firm

Tender Status Certificate

This certificate shows whether the firms are banned from bidding for the tenders or not in accordance with Public Tender Law no 4734. 

Registration Extract
This document proves that our members are industrialists and it is issued to be submitted to the relevant authorities. This document is issued basing on the data and documents present in the registry files of our members at the chamber. 
Industrialist Certificate
This certificate is issued for the purpose of enabling the Police Department, Passport Division to write “Industrialist” in the passport. 

Visa Document
Issued for our industrialist members who are planning to go abroad to be used for the visa operations. 

Approval of the Bag-Kur Certificates

If required by the firm owners and partners, the forms relevant to the Work Leave, Health Insurance, Death Aid, Entry Declaration, Old Age Salary or the certificates indicating that the insured is still works ae issued to be submitted to the provincial Directorate of Bag-Kur. 

Approval of the Mastership and Apprenticeship Certificates
In order to ensure that the employees of our members can get a Mastership and Apprenticeship Certificate and enable them to undergo mastership and apprenticeship examinations, the required documents are approved. 

ID Card
Chamber Council ID card
This is ID Card issued for the council members.
Committee ID Card
This is ID Card issued for the Committee members.
Industrialist ID card
This is ID Card issued for the firm partners and people authorized to represent and bind the firm. 
(Click for the ID card information form)
Chamber Membership Document
This is Card issued for the members of our chamber to hang at their offices.
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