Directorate of Research and Orientation/ Business Development

Works Regarding the Foreign Committees
The Foreign Committees and Guests visiting our Chamber are informed about the chamber and our members and factory and plant visits are realized. Besides, mutual business negotiations are organized to develop the cooperation between the firms and assess the mutual commercial and production opportunities.
Our members are also informed about the cooperation opportunities in economy, production and trade participating in the meetings held with the Foreign Committees and Guests visiting our country.
The department carries out works to develop the cooperation between the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and our Chamber and announce the business opportunities to the members and Good Intent protocols are signed between the mentioned Chambers and our Chamber.

Contact with the Embassies
In order to develop foreign economic relations and establish close relations with the foreign mission in Ankara, the Embassies Commercial Advisors ad Attaches in Ankara, business world representatives of Ankara and high level bureaucrats participate in the Traditional Embassies Reception once a year at Ankara Etnografya Museum.
In order to develop the relations with the commercial consultancies in Ankara, negotiations are held with the Embassies and organizations like factory visits etc. are organized.

Business Trips and Exhibitions
As a result of the demand to our country, for the collective visit of our members to the domestic and foreign exhibitions, some business trips are organized and on site negotiations are coordinated with the authorities.
The domestic and foreign fairs are regularly monitored and our members are informed. It is aimed to provide better advantages for our members.
As the chamber we provide participation at the domestic and foreign exhibitions as a stand and exhibit the catalogue and brochures of our chamber and members.
The domestic and foreign exhibition announcements interesting our members and the sector are shared through e-mails, website of the chamber and ASO Bulletin.

Works regarding the cooperation offers  
To ensure the presence of our members in the foreign markets, overseas cooperation offers communicated to our chamber are shared with the members and information is shared about the activities of our members to meet these cooperation demands.

In order to increase the competition power of our members we try to develop and carry out projects to improve, variate and increase the quality of our services oriented for our members making use of the European Union, Ankara Development Agency, KOSGEB and other funds.

Economic Survey, Analysis and Researches  
About the issues relevant to the activities of our Chamber, analyses and researches are performed in the direction of the demands of our members.
With the “ASO Members’ Tendency Survey” sent to our members every three months in January, March, June, September and December, the economic developments and expectations of the members from  our Chamber are learnt and evaluated.
Participating in the meetings about the scope of activity of our members, many reports are written. At the same time, if requested by the relevant authorities, the standards, Customs Union applications, European Union works, competition and sectorial researches are made and submitted to the authorities in reports.

Correspondences at the level of Official Institution and Organizations

Correspondences are made between our members, Profession Committees and the Council members with the relevant Official Agency and Institutions about the problems, suggestions and offers put forward regarding our Chamber.
About the issues requested from the Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, the opinions of our members are asked and communicated to the Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges.

Meeting Organizations 
In the content of the tasks and liabilities defined in the direction of the mission and vision of our Chamber included in the Strategical Plan the needs and expectations of our members are taken into consideration and various instructive meetings and seminars are organized about the up-to-date , economic and social issued. 

Awarding Ceremony
For the purpose of encouraging and increasing the motivation about the successful works conducted by our members in terms of export, tax, innovation etc. and introducing those successful results to the other members and the public, every year an Awarding Ceremony is organized in various fields in the compliance with the criteria defined by the Board of Directors.

Professional Committees Joint Meetings
These Professional Committee Joint Meetings are held twice a year in April / May and September / October with the participation of bureaucrats and representatives from the relevant sectors where the sector representatives of our Chamber’s Professional Committee Members convene and discuss the sectorial problems of the industry, form opinions and exchange opinions. 

ASO Agenda Meeting
In the light of the economic and social developments undergone in our country and in the world relevant bureaucrats, business world representatives, experts and other authorities and our members come together and exchange their opinions at the “ASO Agenda Meetings”.

Any kind of announcement communicated to our Chamber through the Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs etc. which regards our Members are prepared and sent to our members through e-mails. 

ASO Bulletin

In ASO Bulleting which is included in ASOMEDYA, the announcement of various Institutions and Organizations, issues published in the Official Gazette which regards our members, abstracts and exhibition announcements are shared. 

Arts Exhibition
Traditional Plastic Arts Exhibitions in the fields of Arts, Sculpture, Ceramics, Watering, Photograph and Traditional Turkish Adornment Art are organized at ASO Culture Center as an indicator of the importance given by our Chamber to the arts and artists.