Right to Information

In relation with the right to information, Right to Information Law number 4982 was published in the 24.10.2003 dated and 25269 numbered TR Official Gazette and the implementation of the Law and 2004/7189 numbered Regulation on the Laws and Procedures about the İmplementation of the Right to Information Law was published in the TR Official Gazette dated 27 April 2004 and numbered 25445.

In accordance with the 4982 numbered Right to Information Law, our Information Service will provide the needed services for the applications regarding the scope of our Chamber.

Information regarding our Chamber are broadcasted at our website and for the issues not included here, you can apply to our Information Service in writing or in the electronic platform.

The applications made by post or in person can be sent to this address and the applications made by fax can be sent to (0 312) 417 52 05, the applications sent through e-mail can be sent to bilgi_edinme@aso.org.tr.

The applications sent by electronic mail or fax should be made by filing in the Information Application Form. Any incomplete applications or the ones inconsistent with the rules and procedures in law will not be accepted.

Information Application Forms:

1-) For natural persons

2-) For judicial persons

Address: Atatürk Bulv. No: 193 Kavaklıdere /ANKARA
Fax: (0 312) 417 52 05

E-mail: bilgi_edinme@aso.org.tr