IT Department

IT Department forms the Information Technology policy of Ankara Chamber of Industry and closely follows the technological developments and reviews the policy when needed and informs the Chamber management about the works to be carried out as required by this policy and for this purpose fulfills the planning, investment and development activities on information technologies.

Software and Hardware Operations
IT Department works on the development and supply of software for the chamber staff to provide computer aided operations and identifies the qualities of the needed software. By conducting market researches, the department identifies the ready to use software in the market meeting the expected functions, procures the suitable ones and adapts to the Chamber structure and when there is no software meeting the expected functions, the software is developed by the department. “ASO Automation System” developed in manner provides computer support for the registry, capacity, membership fee, accounting, staff and paper systems.

Web Applications
Ankara Chamber of Industry carries out some application serving over the web in parallel with the developments in information technologies. For this purpose, announcements are made at the websites for the members and official gazette abstracts are prepared.

Contact Information
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