Human Resources Diestorate

The reason for establishing this directorate is to improve the organization structure of our Chamber, monitoring the administrative activities, training the staff, increasing the individual and corporate performances, monitoring and controlling the personal rights of the staff, organizing motivating activities for the staff, determining the staff requirements and employment basing on their qualifications which will ensure continuous increase of work efficiency, development level and staff quality. Human Resources Directorate carries out its activities in the content of the principles identified by the top management of Ankara Chamber of Industry and the terms of the Law on Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges numbered 5174, in the direction of the relevant orders. In this content, the activities of the Human Resources Directorate with its vision, mission, values and policy are as follows.
Vision of the Human Resources Unit: Vizyon
Creating a peaceful, friendly, sustainable working environment where the personnel is happy and turns the Institution into a “Chamber of Industry that Earns, Makes the Employees Earn, is an Institutional and Model one”.
Mission of the Human Resources Unit:  Misyon
Creating a proficiency frame for a perfect institution valuing its staff and managing the skills for a sustainable success
Values of the Human Resources Unit: Değerleri
Being Solution Focused
Continuous Improvement
Equal Opportunity

Policy of the Human Resources Unit:  (İnsan Kaynakları Politikası)
The human resources policy of Ankara Chamber of Industry is to improve the human resources potential, achieving the strategical targets through qualified service. The principles obeyed in this direction are as follows.
Motivating the human resources by providing the working environment and conditions where they can achieve their existing potential
Ensuring a long term employment by forming a team atmosphere with the current and newly employed personnel.
Evaluating the performance with objective criteria and forming career objectives for the staff to ensure continuous improvement and progress .
Creating a corporate environment encouraging and awarding the success and perfectness.
Providing suitable salaries and other additional benefits .
Forming job definitions and performance standards for each level.
Ensuring the contribution of the staff to the corporate strategy, policy and decisions with a participating approach.
Contributing to a better society and cleaner environment voluntarily beyond the activities and services.
Encouraging the individual and professional development of the staff to increase the corporate capacity and implement the information management at a strategic level.

Applications Oriented For the Society
Institutional Social Responsibility Projects
Increasing the human capital in the regional development in cooperation with the Public Institution and Organizations
Information and awareness seminars in cooperation with the Non-Governmental Organizations
Activities oriented for the Disadvantaged Groups
Applications Oriented For the Members
Strengthening the Human Resources Units
Trainings Oriented for the Members
Project Based Collaboration to reduce the workforce costs of the members and increasing the workforce efficiency
Measuring the Member Satisfaction
Applications Oriented For the Employees
Increasing the Proficiency of the Employees
Application of the Performance Evaluations System
Team works
Determining the Expectations of the Employees
Implementing the Recognition, Appreciation and Suggestion System
Organizing Social Activities oriented for the employees
In addition to the above, the Human Resources Directorate provides support and management services as well. In this content the activities carried out are stated below.
General Document Services
Any kind of official correspondence, posts and cargos incoming to and outgoing from our Chamber are recorded, distributed and archived in compliance with the procedures. In the direction of the principles and instructions defined by the top management of Ankara Chamber of Industry and in compliance with the Law no 5174 the paper flow of the chamber is monitored through an electronic recording system.
Purchasing Service
Any kind of product and service procurement is made in the structure of our Chamber. While making savings through the purchase of qualified products and services at economic prices, it is also aimed to provide qualified and fast service for the members.
Central Office Service
In order to ensure that the people desiring to contact with our Chamber are provided more qualified and faster service, they are directed to the relevant units.
Technical Service
At the Service Building and other task units of our Chamber, maintenance, repair and technical support are provided.
Transportation Service
To ensure that the activities of our Chamber are executed in compliance with the strategic plan all the transportation services are intended to be provided in a secure, timely and reliable manner.
Security Service
Internal and external security of our Service Building is ensure through service procurement.
Cleaning Service
Indoor and outdoor cleaning of our Service Building is ensured through service procurement. It is aimed to provide a comfortable and hygienic environment for our staff, members and valuable guests.

Through this service, the Authority tasks out of the Chamber and the exterior duties of the staff are ensured to be executed.
The control, realization stock monitoring of the movable and immovable good and services required by our Chamber are carried out by the Purchasing Unit.
In the direction of the principles and instructions defined by the top management of Ankara Chamber of Industry and in compliance with the Law no 5174 the paper flow of the chamber is monitored through an electronic recording system.